19" 2U Fanless

19" 2U Fan-less



The 19” 2U Fan-less

The 2U-8271 is a 19” 2U standard rack mount multi-COM-port com-plete PC for specific industry. Based on Intel Core i7-620M, Core I5 520M 2.4G, Intel Core I3 330M 2.13G CPU, supports Linux, Windows-7 and Vxworks operating systems.
The front panel and main part of the PC adopts metal sheet structure, and deploys multiple LAN parts, multiple COM ports and fan-less de-sign, The product has excellent dust-proof, heat dissipation and excel-lent EMC performance, and can be used in harsh and hostile environ-ment with heavy contamination, dust and serious EMI conditions.
The 2U-8271 can be widely used in remote terminal management of substations, intelligent grid dispatch communication management PC and metro Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system, Front-End Processor for metro comprehensive monitoring. The product fully meets IEC 61850 international standard.
The system operates on 110 to 220V AC/DC.
The modular design concept of the 19” SILENT Industrial PC allows a large variety of customized versions to be built.


Tech. Specs


Housing Rugged steel housing with anti-corrosion and powder coating treatment
CPU Intel Core i3, i5 or i7
RAM Up to 4GB DDR3
Storage Up to 2x 2.5" SSD or HDD from 250GB to 1TB
Video VGA
Power 100W 110-230VAC/DC, redundant version optional
  Our IPCs are built based on customers specifications.
  Changes in the mechanical structure and various hardware options are available even on small quantities to meet the customer applications.

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Technical Datasheet

Tech. Data-sheet

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